National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Showcasing Algerian Talent

When the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Algiers was inaugurated on 1 December 2007, it had the lofty goal of initiating a cultural renewal following a period of unrest in the 1990s which had pushed cultural interest into the background. While this period of turmoil has passed, long-standing and budding artists were focused on making a living and did not have the time or resources to pursue artistic goals. This is where the National Museum of Contemporary Art played a crucial role in reestablishing the artistic community in Algiers.

Shortly after its opening, the director of the museum, Mohammed Djehiche, noted that the response of the public to the exhibitions had been very encouraging and served as an indication of how far this bustling Algerian city had come in a relatively short period of time. Having opened with an exhibition of sculptures and larger-than-life paintings by Algerian artist Malek Saleh, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art continues to attract growing numbers of both local and international visitors. The building housing the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art was previously a luxury department store and has been expertly renovated to showcase artworks by local and international artists. Works by Algerian artists often portray the difficulties experienced by Algerians in the past, offering insight into the history that shaped Algeria and the the impact it had on the lives of its people.

Discover the Treasures of the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions in Algiers

Located in the Rue Hadj Omar in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria, the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions displays an extensive collection of local arts and crafts. As the name suggests, the museum incorporates age-old traditional items, as well as more contemporary pieces, showcasing the tremendous talent of Algeria’s artists and artisans. Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity of viewing a diverse range of artworks, carpets, wall hangings, jewelry, superbly crafted furniture and beautifully decorated ceramics of all shapes and sizes.

The building housing the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions is an architectural and historic marvel. Built in 1570 as an Ottoman palace, the museum was used as the town hall of Algiers during French rule. The building is typical of houses built during the Ottoman period, with a spacious entrance hall leading into an inner hall with a magnificent staircase leading to the rooms upstairs. A balcony with graceful arches supported by round columns stretches around the upper rooms, allowing visitors to look down on the inner hall. The upper rooms display the museum’s collection, each housing a treasure trove of items giving visitors fascinating insight into the culture and history of Algeria and its people. The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions is one of the must-see attractions of Algiers.

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