The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in the north-eastern corner of Africa and south-western Asia. It is bounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by Palestine and Israel, on the south by Sudan, and on the west by Libya.


The total area of the Arab Republic of Egypt reaches nearly 1.002.000 square meters, while the populated area reaches 78990 km2 representing 7.8% of the total area

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National Parks – Conserving Algeria’s Diverse Flora and Fauna

Algeria is a land of great biodiversity. A massive country with a wide variety of landscapes and ecological zones, Algeria has a rich natural heritage. Considered by many to be the most unique natural country of the Mediterranean, Algeria’s distinctive morphology, bioclimate, fauna and flora contribute to its great biodiversity. In fact, Algeria is home to some rare species such as the Monk Seal, Barbary red deer, Kabylie Nuthatch and Audouin’s Gull. An extensive network of protected areas has been created in Algeria to protect this great natural heritage. Algeria’s National Parks encompass a variety of ecosystems, from coastal areas to desert and mountain.
Tassili n’Ajjer National Park in Algeria takes in a large portion of the Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range. Located in the southeast of Algeria, you will discover a variety of natural wonders in this Algerian National Park. The sandstone composition of the mountain range has resulted in a variety of rock arches and Read more »

The Atlas Mountains

Climb or Hike the Majestic Mountains of Algeria

From the Mediterranean coast the landscape peaks in the Atlas Mountains before it stretches across the Sahara Desert. With such varied topography, Algeria’s landscape is diverse and fascinating. Algeria’s mountain ranges cover large portions of the land. Some of Algeria’s mountains form part of the great Atlas Mountain Range whilst others are located only within the country’s borders.

The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountain Range extends some 2400km/1500 miles across Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. It creates a border between the Mediterranean and the Sahara desert and is home to remote Arab villages in Algeria. This impressive mountain range is made up of the following sections: Middle Atlas, Anti-Atlas, High Atlas, Tell Atlas and Saharan Atlas. The latter two ranges are located in Algeria. Read more »

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Showcasing Algerian Talent

When the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Algiers was inaugurated on 1 December 2007, it had the lofty goal of initiating a cultural renewal following a period of unrest in the 1990s which had pushed cultural interest into the background. While this period of turmoil has passed, long-standing and budding artists were focused on making a living and did not have the time or resources to pursue artistic goals. This is where the National Museum of Contemporary Art played a crucial role in reestablishing the artistic community in Algiers.

Shortly after its opening, the director of the museum, Mohammed Djehiche, noted that the response of the public to the exhibitions had been very encouraging and served as an indication of how far this bustling Algerian city had come in a relatively short period of time. Read more »

Galerie d’art Farid Benyaa – An Artistic Expression of Algerian Values

Algeria is a country that embraces beauty and art, and every now and then an artist is born that creates magnificence from his imagination to share with the world. The work of one such an artist is exhibited in the Galerie d’art Farid Benyaa and is a wonderful attraction in Algiers that visitors should not miss out on. His passion for art coupled with his unique abilities radiate through his artwork and many look at Farid Benyaa to be one of the most talented artists to have arisen in Algeria. Read more »

Algerian Art Galleries – Displaying a Wealth of Creative Talent

There are a number of art galleries in Algeria that are well worth visiting as they provide insight into the culture and lives of the people who call this fascinating North African country home. Some art galleries focus on contemporary art whilst others might be more appropriately termed “museums” as they display artworks from bygone days. Algerian artwork may take the form of sculpture, graphic works, painting or craftwork, with superb examples being found in markets or galleries across the country. There is a large concentration of art galleries located in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria.

Algerians have always displayed artistic talent in their rendering of images, famous persons and their coin inscriptions. In older artworks, the beautiful script of the Arabic language is prominently featured. At times certain religious icons may have been drawn on for inspiration but, in general, artwork tends towards geometric shapes or takes on the likeness of very real people. There are a great many number of busts, printed art and fine art masterpieces on display in the country. Ancient sculptures and antiquities recovered from tombs can also be considered to be great Algerian artworks. Read more »

Touggourt – Rich in History and Culture

The large city of Touggourt is situated in north-eastern Algeria in the Wadi Igharghar Valley. With a population of roughly 300,000 people, this is one of the biggest cities to be found in the Sahara. Built around an oasis, Touggourt’s economy is based mainly on agriculture with dates being one of their biggest exports. Cereals, vegetables, carpets and cloth also play a large role in the economy. The good growth in the area also caters towards healthy livestock. While Touggourt is not the only oasis city in the Ouargla province, it is certainly one of the most profitable ones. Read more »

Oran – An Ancient City That Moves With the Times

Oran is perhaps most famous for being one of the birthplaces of the rai music style. This inventive form of music is one of the more modern music styles that is popularly enjoyed in the various parts of Algeria and all over the world. The easy going and liberal atmosphere that pervades the city of Oran is clearly evident in this style of music. Initially performed only by men, it soon became the domain of many women – many of whom have become every bit as popular as their male counterparts. Read more »

Ghardaia – A Masterpiece of Medieval Architecture

Ghardaia is a town and wilaya (province) located in eastern Algeria. It is situated in the heart of the Mezab valley, which is the home of the Ibadi Muslim sect in Algeria. Ghardaia is truly a sight to see as the entire city is mostly made up of original medieval architecture that has been preserved remarkably well. The M’zab valley wherein Ghardaia lies is part of an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more »

Unlock a Wealth of History and Culture in Batna

Batna is the name of both a city and a province in north eastern Algeria. Although the origin of the name is unknown, most historians agree that it is a mixture of arabo-berberian and can be loosely translated into “where we sleep this night”. Geographically speaking, Batna is located between the north and south Atlas Mountains and this means that the mountains rise on either side to form a sort of naturally protective passage over the province. The climate tends to vary quite widely – with extreme heat during the summer and snow and cold during the winter. Read more »